In order to support growth, standardization of quality and to ensure quality and value, Northeastern Fine Jewelry has partnered with many leaders in the jewelry industry including local, national and global organizations.


Exceptional customer service has always been a priority to Northeastern, as satisfaction results in customer loyalty and referrals to friends and family. As a result of our dedication to our customers, Northeastern Fine Jewelry was selected to be a member of The Leading Jewelers of the World group (LJOW), a collection of the world's friendliest and most accommodating jewelry stores. LJOW provides operating standards to members to ensure the highest level of customer service. The credo of LJOW requires Northeastern Fine Jewelry to provide unparalleled service in order to maintain our membership to this powerful network. Discover LJOW and their "Diamond best practice principles."
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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The American Gem Society (AGS) provide universal quality standards in jewelry and diamonds. Northeastern employs GIA and AGS certified gemologists to purchase, grade, and match precious gemstones in order to manufacture each individual piece sold in our stores. Many of the diamonds that Northeastern Fine Jewelry sells are accompanied by official independent certifications provided by GIA and AGS, these certifications are universally accepted to be accurate assessments of the Four C's associated with a diamond's value. Visit GIA and AGS.


The most important aspect of selling fine Jewelry is buying fine jewelry. When Northeastern Fine Jewelry joined the Continental Buying Group (CBG), we gained access to exceptional purchasing power, as CBG is a network of jewelry stores with over one billion dollars in annual purchasing power. Northeastern's affiliation with this group provides us with exceptional volume buying power, which results in a lower final cost to the consumer.
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Preferred Jewelers

Andie Weinman and Joe Murphy have each been in the jewelry business for over 30 years; both have manufacturing and retail experience. They are the proud owners of one of the most prestigious organizations in the jewelry industry, Continental Buying Group. They believe that the independent, privately-owned jewelry retailer is the backbone of the jewelry industry. However, they recognized that there was a tremendous void for independent jewelers to compete with Internet jewelers and national chains. Because of this void they started Preferred Jewelers International™ in 2009. The organization currently has over 150 retail locations and continues to grow. Their vision is that Preferred will be the largest association in the world and member jewelers will be able to guarantee assurance to customers that their love stories begin with.... "Experiences that last a Lifetime™"
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