Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Design at Northeastern Fine Jewelry in New York

Hike Bagramian, the lead designer for Northeastern Fine Jewelry, began his professional career in 1988 apprenticing in New York City at a large wholesale manufacturing jeweler. His first task was creating bracelet mountings. From there he graduated into the art of model making, and under master model-maker Vladimer Mann, Hike began an intensive training process involving all phases of the production process, from the inception of the design to polishing the finished product. From here Hike studied under the guidance of master stone-setter Paul Abraham. Under Paul Abraham’s tutelage, Hike learned the fundamentals of diamond setting: From simple prong work to the advanced practices of pave and invisible setting.

Recently, Hike added to his repertoire the European style of hand-shaping and forging gold and platinum for use in custom pieces. This skill compliments his extensive knowledge of casting and molding techniques—extensive knowledge grounded in Hike's 17 years of jewelry experience. His skillful presentations and keen ability to listen to our customers' ideas and concerns have resulted in Hike spending significant time on the showroom floor consulting with the sales personnel and clients regarding custom work.

Reliable and Technologically Advanced Custom Jewelry Design

The process of custom jewelry design at Northeastern Fine Jewelry all starts with an idea, your idea. Made from beginning to end in-house, you can be assured that your custom piece will be available to see at any step of the process.

When you first arrive at one of our showrooms, you’ll be paired with one of our three full-time jewelers to sit down for a consultation. This discussion helps the jeweler to get an artistic idea of what you have in your mind in order to emphasize features you want and trim away features that don’t necessarily excite you.

Our jewelers will then take that idea and begin CAD rendering. CAD is a form of software that renders the volume, shape, and details of your jewelry on a computer screen. In three dimensions, you and your jeweler can observe the smallest parts of your dream piece and alter them at the touch of a key. Afterwards, our designer will get your approval, provide an estimate, and take notes about the final construction of the piece.

Two things happen at this stage: First, the CAD rendering that can be sent directly to your e-mail if you choose. You can keep a true-to-life representation of your ideal jewelry forever! Then, the CAD blueprint will be fed into our 3D printer, which will quickly create a plastic prototype of your piece.

This step of the process allows our customers to take a “test drive” of their custom jewelry, all to ensure that you’ve got a piece that fully satisfies you. Plastic casting allows you to also try on your piece and see if the final product will look good and suit your tastes.

The last step of the custom design process replaces the plastic model of your jewelry by casting your custom jewelry in the precious metal of your choice. You can select your favorite precious metal—no matter whether it’s silver, gold, platinum, or variants like rose gold—to build your jewelry, as well as select the diamonds or colored gemstones to be fitted into it. If you have old jewelry you’d like to see used as the raw materials, don’t hesitate to talk to your jeweler; or if you’d like to have Northeastern Fine Jewelry source the materials to build the piece, we’re happy to work within your budget.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Your Custom Jewelry Design at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Northeastern Fine Jewelry is your hometown leader for custom-designed jewelry We have a full staff dedicated to making your service experience a memorable one, and our business was founded on the cornerstone of unconditional dedication to customer satisfaction. This promise sets us apart from other jewelers and because of that, we’ve been the jeweler of choice for Schenectady for 38 years.

You can be assured that you’ll always be satisfied with not only the custom jewelry we design for you, but also our top-shelf selection of jewelry from the atelier designers that have been making waves in the industry: bridal jewelry from Tacori, Hearts on Fire, and others; the elegant fashion jewelry of Phillips House and Mikimoto; and Swiss-quality timepieces.

For more information on the custom jewelry design services available at Northeastern Fine Jewelry, please call 518-372-3604, head over to our " Contact Us" page, or visit us at any of our showrooms in Schenectady, Albany, New York City, or Glen Falls, New York today!