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Characteristics of Mikimoto

The story of cultured pearls is the story of ingenuity and cooperation between geniuses. Discovered independently by three Japanese inventors, the secret to inducing an oyster to produce a pearl was blended with their experimental practices to develop the world’s first source of cultured pearls. Mikimoto Kokichi, one of those inventors, spearheaded a pearl jewelry business that would ultimately become one of the most fashionable, successful jewelry brands on Earth. Today, at Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we’re proud to be an authorized retailer for this esteemed brand, and we’re always excited to show off to our customers the new treasures that Mikimoto designs every year.

Popular Mikimoto Collections

The two traditional methods of exhibiting pearls are through necklaces and earrings, and at Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we’re pleased to offer plenty of Mikimoto-branded necklaces and earrings. One of our favorite collections of Mikimoto necklaces is the Core collection. 18k gold is worked into delicate chains that support and accentuate the pure white, black, and silver pearls that Mikimoto artists hand-select. If you’re interested in pure pearl beauty, you may like the Nature Everyday Essentials earrings from Mikimoto. These stud earrings set the designer’s pearls flush against a woman’s ear, letting their silky beauty speak for themselves when contrasted with the color of their owner’s hair.

Mikimoto also designs pearl fashion rings and bracelets, playing with what the organic jewel can do in those forms of accessory. The Mikimoto Core collection isn’t just a glamorous set of necklaces, but also includes bracelets that have the same design theory as the collection’s necklaces. As for rings, the lover of something chic can appreciate the Bubbles and Akoya collections. The Bubbles aesthetic is based on asymmetric beauty, arranging pearls like bubbles rising from the sea, which is represented in the collection by the moonlike sheen of 925 sterling silver and the glitter of pave-set gemstones.

Why Shop at Northeastern Fine Jewelry?

Here at Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we have a passion for beauty. That passion isn’t quite as enduring as the sesquicentennial history of Mikimoto, but as a company founded in 1985, we have decades of history and trust from our longtime clients that we can rest on. We adore pearl jewelry, as well as the other collections of fashion jewelry we offer, including diamond and gemstone jewelry that you’ll adore. When you’re ready to purchase a piece of pearl jewelry, make sure it’s a Mikimoto—and make sure you get it from Northeastern Fine Jewelry. Call us at 1.518.372.3604 or visit our Albany, Schenectady, or Glens Falls, New York showrooms!