close up image of a woman’s hands holding the straps of a purse and wearing TACORI jewelry

In our curated selections at Northeastern Fine Jewelry, TACORI emerges as a distinct favorite among jewelry lovers, and there’s no question why. Established by the TACORIan family, this brand effortlessly blends traditional allure with contemporary finesse. Drawing inspiration from the captivating allure of California's landscapes, TACORI is renowned for their exceptional engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. Their unique hallmark, the crescent silhouette, showcases an intricate arrangement of interlocking half-moons, giving each piece its own signature charm. Showcasing TACORI is a matter of pride for us, resonating with our commitment to innovation and supreme design.

five TACORI engagement rings with different diamond cuts and metal types
Popular TACORI Bridal Jewelry

Our inventory of TACORI’s bridal jewelry embodies the epitome of romantic sophistication. Their engagement rings, a testament to the level of dedication and detail they are known for, feature the brand's signature crescent silhouette design – an artful interplay of interlocking half-moons that reveal themselves in the most intricate of settings. This characteristic touch ensures every TACORI ring is instantly recognizable, exuding both elegance and individuality. Complementing these masterpieces are TACORI's wedding bands. Whether matched perfectly to an engagement piece or chosen as stackable rings, these diamond-studded bands gleam with timeless beauty, capturing the essence of everlasting love and commitment.

a woman touching her face and wearing a number of TACORI jewelry pieces
Popular TACORI Fashion Jewelry

TACORI's fashion jewelry line is a mesmerizing blend of elegance and innovation. From resplendent necklaces adorned with radiant gemstones to minimalist rings that make a statement, TACORI's mastery in design is evident. Their earrings, ranging from opulent drop designs to subtle studs, cater to diverse tastes with grace. The bracelets showcase intricate metalwork, whether in detailed filigree or sleek modern lines. TACORI's commitment to excellence shines through in their use of premium gemstones and diamonds, setting them in meticulously crafted fashion ring settings. Each piece, a testament to TACORI's artistry, adds a touch of luxury to everyday wear.

three white gold diamond wedding bands by TACORI on a white surface
Discover TACORI at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Step into the world of unparalleled elegance with TACORI at Northeastern Fine Jewelry. Each of our Schenectady, Albany, and Glen Falls, New York jewelry stores are your gateway to luxurious adornments in the state. Apart from our exquisite selections, we're revered for our custom design capabilities, turning dreams into tangible treasures. Our adept jewelry repair services breathe new life into valued heirlooms, ensuring their timeless charm is maintained. To dive deeper into our offerings and craft a story of your own, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with our knowledgeable team.