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Characteristics of Radiant Cut Rings

The result of exquisite craftsmanship and innovation in the world of diamond cutting, radiant cut diamond engagement rings are renowned for their combination of elegance and brilliance. What sets this cut apart from others is its distinctive shape, featuring trimmed corners and a square or rectangular outline. This special design blends the vintage appeal of an emerald cut with the dazzling sparkle of a round cut. Radiant cut diamonds typically have 70 facets, creating a mesmerizing play of colors and reflections. This cut's versatility makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a head-turning engagement ring, of which we carry a varied selection here at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Popular Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Designers

A widely beloved designer of bridal jewelry, Michael M has earned a reputation for their unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design concepts. Renowned for their meticulous selection of the finest diamonds and precious metals, Michael M ensures each piece exudes timeless beauty and exceptional quality. The radiant cut diamonds used in their engagement rings are carefully chosen for their brilliance and fire, and the rings themselves are crafted with precision to enhance the diamond's natural beauty. Michael M's ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics make their radiant cut diamond engagement rings a symbol of luxury, elegance, and enduring love. 

We’re also pleased to house a stunning inventory of rings by Hearts On Fire, a designer celebrated for their unparalleled, proprietary diamond cut. Their commitment to perfection is evident in every facet. Their radiant cut diamonds are characterized by a fiery intensity that captures the heart's desire. Meanwhile, Simon G. is known for their intricate and artistic designs. Their radiant cut diamond engagement rings often feature ornate detailing, eye-catching settings, and a characteristic fusion of vintage and contemporary elements. Simon G.'s emphasis on craftsmanship and creativity results in rings that are not just symbols of love but also delightful pieces of art.

Find Radiant Cut Rings at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

When it comes to shopping for radiant cut diamond engagement rings, Northeastern Fine Jewelry stands as the premier destination in upstate New York. With our Albany, Glens Falls, and Schenectady, New York jewelry stores, we offer an extensive selection of designer radiant cut diamond rings. Our expert staff will guide you through our curated collection, ensuring you find the perfect ring to symbolize your love. Moreover, our custom design services allow you to bring your own unique vision to life. We invite you to schedule an appointment and let us help you find the radiant cut diamond engagement ring of your dreams.