Choosing the ideal engagement ring should be an effortless process, which is why it is vital to know important terms regarding engagement rings before you make a purchase. Learn the key terms straight from the source with Northeastern Fine Jewelry. With this guide, you’ll be able to understand each term a jeweler brings up during the creation and buying process so you will know every characteristic of your forever ring.

Center Stone- The center stone is the star of the show in an engagement ring, sitting as the focal point in the center of the ring and created to dazzle with each movement of the hand. These stones are offered in a variety of cuts such as round, emerald, or princess, among others.

Side Stone/ Accent Stones- Much smaller than the center stone, accent stones or side stones are placed on the shank to add glamour and luxury to the engagement ring. These stones are most commonly diamonds, but colored gemstones are also used for added sparkle and individuality.

Setting or Mounting- The setting or mounting of an engagement ring refers to the entire piece excluding the center stone. This is not to be confused with the diamond setting. A diamond setting is how the diamond is secured onto the shank. The engagement ring setting encompasses the overall design of the ring.

Head- This is the part of the setting that holds the center stone in place and is often referred to as the crown by professional jewelers. The head provides a basket to secure the center stone in place for maximum durability.

Halo- A halo is a stunning way to accentuate the center stone. A halo creates the effect of a larger and more vibrant center diamond. A hidden halo or under halo is a new halo ring style that places the halo beneath the center stone making it a hidden yet glamorous detail.

Shank- The band that wraps around the finger is called the shank. The shank is what ensures the ring will fit correctly and stay stable on the finger. It can also be a place for meaningful inscriptions on the inner side of the ring.

Shoulder- Much like the body, the shoulder forms the top two sides of the engagement ring. The shoulder of an engagement ring tapers to the shank and can be classic and straight or twisting and detailed.

Gallery- When looking at an engagement ring from a side profile, the gallery is what is seen beneath the center stone. The gallery can be ornate and intricately designed, or classic in order to make the diamond or gemstone the main focal point of the engagement ring.

Bridge- The bridge is located directly beneath the gallery and connects down from the shoulder to the shank of the ring. The bridge is often simply what it sounds like, a connection to another part of the ring, but it can be detailed with elegant diamonds for added flare.


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