Gemstones are a gift from nature, celebrated for their vivid hues. Many civilizations favored these colorful stones as, depending on the gem, they were believed to bring the wearer wealth, power, courage, and even love. A charming tradition is birthstones—where every month of the year has a corresponding gemstone (or two). While any gemstone jewelry makes a lovely gift or self-purchase, birthstone jewelry holds a deeper meaning and personal significance. There’s no need to be an expert or know the symbolism behind every stone; our team at Northeastern Fine Jewelry has the expertise to share. Our gemstone guide can help you pick out a beautiful gift with the gemstone that’s right for you.


In folk tradition, amethyst was said to calm anxiety, draw out wisdom, and begin spiritual healing. It is no wonder why February’s birthstone took on this meaning when you look at its gorgeous purple coloring. The stone ranges from deep violet to a soothing light lilac. Depending on the cut and color, amethyst can look quite different from piece to piece. One thing that doesn’t vary is its calm beauty.


March’s birthstone is soft and delicate aquamarine. Much like a breath of fresh air or the sky during the first blushes of Spring, aquamarine is said to symbolize youth, health, and hope. Like the sea it resembles, this stone also varies in color from the soft blue you see on white-sand beaches to the aqua waters of the tropics. These lively colors work wonderfully with summer and spring outfits.


The verdant colors of emerald are the ideal match for May since flowers and foliage start to come to life during this time. As such, emeralds have been associated with rebirth and love. One of the rarest stones in the world, emeralds have been a favorite for royalty throughout history, most notably Cleopatra. Other, paler green stones cannot compete with emerald’s deep green notes.


The “King of Gems” and the birthstone for July, rubies are said to grant wearers good fortune. As one of the most valuable gemstones globally, rubies have been in high demand over the ages and still today. The vibrant red gemstone is a favorite to gift to romantic partners, as one of its many meanings is love and fiery passion.


Sapphires are typically thought of as blue, presumably due to blue sapphire being September’s birthstone, but they can be naturally found in most colors, like pink, yellow, and green. The velvety blue coloration is one of the most sought after and desired, especially for fine jewelry. Throughout history, kings and queens would often adorn their wardrobes with blue sapphires to symbolize loyalty, love, and wisdom.


October’s birthstone, opal, is a delight to behold. The shimmering display of light that opals give off resembles a kaleidoscope of colors. Each opal is unique, which only adds to its special appeal. The patterns of rainbows glimmer on the surface like tiny starbursts, causing this magical stone to feel otherworldly. Most opals are found in the Australian Outback, and they are known to have exceptional quality and coloring.