What are Anniversary Bands?

Anniversary bands are a modern innovation for the bridal stack. These rings are meant to be given on milestone anniversaries, such as a tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth wedding anniversary. These bands are meant to be worn along with other wedding rings, so as to create a more complete expression of marriage. Few bands are exclusively designed for anniversaries, but some wedding bands fit the role better than others. An anniversary band may have complementary aesthetics, accentuating shapes, or eye-catching colors. Here are some of our favorites in our Northeastern Fine Jewelry showrooms that are guaranteed to help you express your unique love and unending commitment.

Popular Anniversary Ring Designers

Tacori is one of today’s most thrilling designers, with sophisticated pieces inspired by nature. Their Simply Tacori collection features eternity rings with curved silhouettes and slender elegance. They pair well with engagement rings as their shape draws the eye. Classic Crescent is an iconic collection. One design exhibits a nesting ring style that is exemplary in a bridal stack, making for an ideal anniversary ring. Designer Simon G. creates a myriad of exquisite, delightful collections. Modern Enchantment is a magnificent series of rings, some of which showcase gemstones like beautiful blue sapphires. The rich colors of gemstones make for a much more profound and unique display.

Collections by Fana have mesmerizing metalwork and intricate details, as well as richly colored gemstones. Their Matching Band collection exhibits a plethora of pieces ideal for anniversary rings. With fanciful floral designs that pair well with modern minimalism as well as high-fashion ruby rings, there’s something for every stack. Designer ArtCarved is an experienced brand respected for its commitment to quality and excellence. They make rings in a vast variety of styles, from those with a modern edge to rings with a vintage flair. Their Contemporary collection exhibits intertwining styles with nature-inspired and gemstone accents, each a beautiful way to spruce up an otherwise traditional bridal display.

Shop Anniversary Bands at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Only Northeastern Fine Jewelry has the selection and service to fulfill all of your bridal jewelry dreams. With our incredible variety of wedding bands, engagement rings, and anniversary pieces, we can help make your marriage fashionable. In addition, we offer professional jewelry services including maintenance, cleaning, repair, and custom design. There’s nothing we don’t do to help our customers, which is why we’ve expanded to locations all over the Empire State. You can find us in Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls, and New York City. Contact a jewelry store near you to discover a realm of beauty, romance, and luxury.