Engagement Ring Care from the Experts at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

According to tradition, engagement rings are to be worn all the time. This means they are constantly subjected to the elements, be it humidity, sweat, or heat. Thus, they need to be cleaned often and maintained regularly to stay beautiful. Fortunately, at-home cleanings are easy and simple. Learn how to care for your engagement ring with information from our Northeastern Fine Jewelry team.

How To Clean an Engagement Ring at Home

To properly clean an engagement ring, you will need a few ingredients: soap, water, a bowl, a soft toothbrush, and a soft cloth. First, set the engagement ring in a bowl of warm water and soap. Let it soak for about 40 minutes. Do not worry: precious metals used in jewelry are highly resistant to corrosion. Take the ring out and dry it with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber towel. Bristly and coarse surfaces can scratch precious metals. In case there’s any buildup or grime that you cannot get off, whip out a soft toothbrush. Like cloth, more bristled varieties tend to scratch metal.

What Not To Use When Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

You may have noticed that there are no harsh chemicals and solutions used in these techniques. That’s because many chemicals can cause more harm than good to fine jewelry. Never use toothpaste, as it is abrasive and can cause scratches. Baking soda causes many of the same issues. While some websites recommend using baking soda baths, they can damage gold and tarnish gemstones. Commercial jewelry cleaners can be just as bad. When it comes to at-home cleanings, it is best to keep it simple. If a soapy warm rinse will not clean everything off, take it to a jewelry store for a more in-depth cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?

Engagement rings and wedding bands should be cleaned about once a week. Since you wear them every day, they can tarnish and get dirty quickly. Note that, if you wear ointments like sunscreen during the day, make sure to wipe off your hands and jewelry at night. However, it’s impossible to clean every nook and cranny of the ring yourself. That’s why you need to take it to a jeweler twice a year for a professional jewelry cleaning service. Our experts at Northeastern Fine Jewelry can clean every part of the ring, such as the gap underneath the prongs.

Professional Cleaning Services at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

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