Jewelry for Sensitive Skin

Ever find that jewelry gives you a rash? Then you may have an allergy. Precious metals can cause allergic reactions in some people. Luckily, there are ways to circumvent the problem and remain glittering in gold. Learn how jewelry allergies work and how to combat them with this helpful guide by our team at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

How Metal Allergies Work

Metal allergies are surprisingly similar to other allergic reactions. Skin cells take tiny metal molecules and give them to the lymph nodes. The body mistakenly believes that there is an invader and sends an immune response as if it were a virus, fungus, or bacteria. This causes itching, irritation, and other skin conditions. Not everyone has the same reaction or the same severity. Furthermore, it’s possible to be allergic to some metals and not others. Some cannot tolerate cobalt or nickel, while a few have an allergy to gold. Allergists can help diagnose what metal is causing a negative reaction.

What Jewelry to Avoid

While some metals are more likely to cause allergic reactions than others, all can cause allergies in some people. The most common causes are nickel, chromates, and cobalt. These substances are often used in less-expensive alloys, such as low-karat gold. White gold and plated jewelry frequently rely on nickel, cobalt, and chromates for shine and strength. If you have sensitive skin, avoid these metals if possible. Note that gemstones cannot cause allergies unless they are fake. Never buy from a jewelry store you don’t fully trust.

What Jewelry to Wear

Sterling silver is usually hypoallergenic, but not always. Make sure it’s nickel-free. With yellow gold, buy pieces that are above 14k. Gold vermicelli combines sterling silver and gold to achieve a hypoallergenic, inexpensive metal. Rose gold uses copper for its color, ensuring that it is hypoallergenic. Stainless steel, which is sometimes referred to as “surgical steel,” is also a good choice. Allergies to these metals are rare. If you are still having a reaction, stop wearing the piece and make an appointment with an allergy specialist.

Fine Jewelry for Sensitive Skin at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

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