When to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the most sentimental and monetarily valuable pieces of jewelry you will likely ever purchase. For this reason, you should want it to be a piece you will be proud to wear daily. As you age and your tastes mature, you may feel that your ring should do so with you. When you are ready for an upgrade, learn how to do it right with Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

One of the most common ways people upgrade their engagement rings is to replace their center stone with a larger one. Perhaps you and your partner were on a tighter budget when your ring was purchased, and now you are more financially comfortable. This is a perfect time to refresh your ring with a larger stone of a higher carat or quality.

Change to a Different Stone Shape

For many of us, our aesthetic preferences and personal style change significantly as we grow. As the shape of your ring’s center stone does determine much of the overall spirit of the piece, choosing a different form could help your ring to align more with your newfound style. For instance, if you are looking for a feminine stone cut, you may want to opt for an oval cut diamond. A unique and eye-catching option is the pear shape, which is rounded at one end and pointed at the other. A more regal choice may be a cushion or princess cut, whose square shapes are bold and elegant.

Add Extra Diamonds

Bump up the amount of sparkle your ring gives off with extra diamonds. If you originally purchased a solitaire ring, whether because of stylistic preferences or budgetary limitations, a great way to upgrade could be the addition of accent stones. Perhaps you have had children since you were engaged and want to symbolize these additions to your family with a side stone ring. You may also choose to add a diamond for every decade you and your partner spend together. Or, you may simply want to go for a more attention-grabbing look by adding plenty of facets and sparkle.

Change the Setting

A ring setting refers to the silhouette of the ring and the number of stones it features. You may want to change the setting of your ring. If you initially chose an understated, straightforward setting like solitaire or three stone, you may want to upgrade to a busier setting. For instance, a halo setting could bring more sparkle and drama to your ring while making your center stone appear more prominent. Another way to add extra shine is by adding stones to the ring's band in either a channel, prong, or pave style.

Use a Different Type of Metal

The type of metal used in your ring has a significant influence on both the aesthetic and durability of your ring. A great way to upgrade your ring is to choose a different metal that improves the ring in one or both of these areas. You can either change to another color to align with your changing stylistic preferences or opt for a more expensive, longer-lasting type of metal. For instance, you can upgrade your white gold ring to a platinum one or from a 14k gold ring to an 18k.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Let us at Northeastern Fine Jewelry play a part in your unique love story by helping you to find your perfect engagement ring or to upgrade your existing piece to reflect the changes in your life and relationship. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation to discuss the changes you may wish to make to your ring, or browse our products online, today.