Gemstone Jewelry Guide: Which Gemstone is Right for You’

October 20th, 2021

gemstone rings

Diamonds might be forever, but gemstone jewelry is for right now. A top trend for 2021, gems dazzle and delight while allowing the wearer to showcase their unique personality and taste. At Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we’re thrilled to showcase a wide array of gemstone pieces by top designer, TACORI. Read on to learn about six of our favorite stones, along with tips on selecting styles you’re sure to love.

Choosing Gemstone Jewelry

Wondering which gem is right for you? The good news is there’s a stone and style for everyone—you just have to know what to look for! Here are some of our favorite stones for every taste and budget.

blue gemstone jewelry

Ocean Blue Gemstones

  • Topaz (Blue): These stunning stones range in color from red to brown, though blue topaz is the most widely sought-after. Many people appreciate this stone for its supposed healing properties. In fact, topaz is believed to protect the wearer from harm. Looking for a water-inspired piece? We love these topaz drop earrings, featuring a sterling silver open halo design. The sterling silver circles mimic the way water ripples outward if the gem was dropped in a crystal clear lake.
  • Turquoise: Representing tranquility and good fortune, turquoise is also the traditional birthstone for December. The bright aqua coloring is the reason why many favor this stone. For a fun and funky option, slip on this TACORI bangle bracelet. Sweet and delicate, it goes perfectly with just about any piece in your wardrobe.

pastel gemstone jewelry

Dewy Pastel Gemstones

  • Amethyst: This stone is a favorite thanks to its beautiful purple shade. Along with being February’s birthstone, amethyst is said to promote mental calmness and clarity. While it’s hard to go wrong with this gorgeous gem, we’re especially enamored with TACORI’s East West Ring, featuring an oval amethyst center stone set sideways.
  • Prasiolite: Ranging in hue from pale green to yellow, this stone is said to amplify the wearer’s energy—something we could all use more of these days. Try this TACORI Crescent Embrace necklace if you want a great look for work or play. Smart yet sleek, this prasiolite pendant necklace is sure to catch the eye.

noir gemstone jewelry

Noir Gemstones

  • Onyx: Although black onyx gets most of the attention, this well-known protection stone also comes in other shades. If you want an eye-catching look, opt for these Petite Gemstone Earrings featuring onyx and yellow gold. As a bonus, this gem is thought to help alleviate stress.
  • Chalcedony: A less common option, beautiful chalcedony comes in shimmering shades of white with grey and blue tones. This powerful stone brings alignment to body and mind while promoting empathy. If you’re looking for a little extra drama, we recommend the Crescent Crown Station Set Necklace, featuring multiple strands of sterling silver and glittering bezel-set gems.

Find Your Next Favorite Gemstone Piece at NEFJ

With shops in Schenectady, Albany, Glen Falls, and New York City, Northeastern Fine Jewelry is the Empire State’s source for premium quality jewelry. From amethyst to onyx, we offer an array of stones and styles, so you’re sure to find an option that meets your needs. Shop our selection online or visit our showroom to speak with one of our jewelry experts.