Gemstone Wedding Bands: Add Color to Your Wedding Stack

February 20th, 2024

a diamond and green gemstone wedding band in a box

At Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we are delighted to present our specially curated collection of colorful gemstone wedding bands. Each piece in our selection is handpicked to add a splash of color and uniqueness to your bridal ensemble. These gemstone bands are suited to stack harmoniously with your existing bridalwear, creating a look that is both elegant and personal. Whether you prefer the regal allure of sapphires, the romantic blush of rubies, or other gems set alongside classic diamonds, our collection offers a diverse range of hues to suit every style. Let these gemstone bands be a colorful symbol of your love, enhancing the beauty of your wedding day attire.

Fana Wedding Band With Rubies

Elegant Fana Diamond Bands With Rubies

This Fana white gold wedding band with diamonds and rubies is a stunning example of how vibrant gemstone wedding bands can beautifully complement other bridal wear. This exquisite band combines the universal elegance of diamonds with the rich, passionate hue of rubies, set in luxurious white gold. The alternating pattern of sparkling diamonds and vivid rubies creates a sensational contrast, making it a standout piece. Its sleek design allows for effortless stacking with engagement rings or other bands, adding a unique and colorful dimension to your bridal ensemble. This Fana band exemplifies sophistication and romance, flawless for brides seeking to add plenty of vibrancy to their wedding day look.

TACORI Wedding Band With Sapphires

Dazzling Blue TACORI Sapphire Bands

Another magnificent illustration of how vibrant gemstone wedding bands can splendidly enhance bridal wear is this TACORI blue sapphire Band. This band features a stunning array of deep blue sapphires, intricately set in a finely crafted band, representing fidelity and love. The pure blue tones of the sapphires create a striking contrast against the sparkle of an engagement ring, bringing an aura of color and graceful aesthetics to the bridal ensemble. TACORI's phenomenal craftsmanship ensures that this band is not only a statement piece but also a timeless addition that complements and elevates the overall bridal look with its distinct charm and refinement.

Diamond and Sapphire Simon G. Wedding Band

Regal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bands by Simon G.

This white gold sapphire and diamond eternity wedding band by Simon G. is a ravishing choice for those looking for a band that is distinctive and elegant. This beautifully crafted band combines the classic charm of diamonds with the serene sophistication of sapphires, all set in a captivating white gold frame. The alternating, continuous rows of brilliant diamonds and profoundly hued sapphires creates a gorgeous balance, making it an ideal piece for wearing alongside other rings. Its eternity design symbolizes endless love and complements a variety of engagement rings and other wedding bands. Simon G.'s commitment to excellence is evident in this band, ensuring it enhances any bridal ensemble with grace and style.

Hearts on Fire Pink Sapphire Wedding Band

Pink Sapphire and Rose Gold Bands by Hearts on Fire

Adorned with pink diamonds and sapphires, this rose gold wedding band is an enchanting pick for those seeking to add a splash of whimsical elegance to their bridalwear. The warm hues of the rose gold perfectly complement the soft glow of the pink diamonds and the gentle attraction of the sapphires. This unique combination of colors and gemstones creates a romantic and contemporary feel, making it a fine candidate for stacking with other bridal pieces. The band's design is both modern and definitive, ensuring it blends seamlessly with a variety of engagement rings and wedding bands.

three yellow gold, diamond, and blue gemstone wedding bands

Pick Your Colorful Wedding Band at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

At Northeastern Fine Jewelry, we invite you to select your perfect colorful wedding band from our extraordinary collection. With three convenient locations in upstate New York in Albany, Schenectady, and Glen Falls, as well as an office in New York City, we are ideally positioned to serve your needs. Our range of wedding bands is wonderfully diverse, and we also offer custom design options that allow you to create a piece as unique as your love story. From vibrant gemstones to classic diamonds, our selection is tailored to complement every style. We encourage you to visit any of our New York jewelry stores to see our extraordinary collection in person. For a personalized experience, please contact us and let us help you find or design the wedding band of your dreams at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.