March Birthstone: The Refined Beauty of Aquamarine

March 5th, 2020

March Birthstone: The Refined Beauty of Aquamarine

Named for the seawater it resembles, aquamarine boasts a cool blue hue that has a soothing effect on the wearer. In fact, the ancients believed that this gem could calm choppy waters and keep seafarers safe on their journeys. As a bonus, the March birthstone is believed to possess romantic properties, making wearers? marriages happy and drama free. So, it’s a great choice for girlfriends, fianc’s, or brides-to-be. Read on to learn more about this mystical, majestic stone and discover the many aquamarine pieces available at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Outfit Yourself in Aquamarines

You don’t have to be born in March to love the way an aquamarine glistens against your skin. Aquamarines look incredible in all sorts of lighting conditions, from bright summer days to cool moon-tinged nights. So, it’s easy to see why so many jewelry aficionados favor this gem over the competition. Whether you’re looking for an elegant fashion ring, a chunky statement necklace, or a fun, bold bracelet, check out some of the many aquamarine pieces currently on display at Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Simon G

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but aquamarines are the perfect date to take out on the town. If you’re searching for elegant aquamarine pieces for all your special events, the Simon G. Passion Collection at Northeastern Fine Jewelry should be your first stop. Along with its much-loved engagement rings, the line includes an array of delightful fashion pieces that let this jaw-dropping gem shine through in all its glory. Consider a romantic halo fashion ring with an aquamarine center stone if you want to turn heads with a wave of a hand. Prefer a subtler style? Opt for a ring with two small aquamarines instead of one larger one.

simon g and stuller aquamarine jewelry


Gemstone fashion necklaces are a favorite jewelry choice, and with good reason. Easy to slip on and off, they work with a wide array of fashion choices from elegant evening gowns to seductive cocktail dresses and even your favorite jeans. While just about any gem looks great in necklace form, aquamarines are especially beautiful hanging around your neck. If you want to incorporate some new necklaces into your current rotation, consider one of the many elegant pieces available from Stuller. The brand offers stones in multiple hues, from the bright and bold to the soft and elegant. Classic yet playful, these aquamarine designs are sure to delight jewelry lovers of all ages.

Find Your Next Beautiful Piece at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

You don’t have to be a March baby to don this exquisite gemstone for your next special occasion. If you love the way aquamarines look in a design, stop by one of our Northeastern Fine Jewelry locations to view a wide array of aquamarine engagement rings, fashion pieces, necklaces, and more. Ready to find your next favorite piece of jewelry? Visit our jewelry store today and feel confident knowing you’ll find exclusive pieces not available anywhere else.