Myths About Watch Maintenance

April 5th, 2023

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Many myths exist regarding watch maintenance that can dissuade investors and collectors from taking proper care of their timepieces. These myths often spread misinformation and can lead to damage to the watch, decreased value, or other negative outcomes. In this guide, we aim to dispel these myths and provide valuable information on properly caring for your watch. Our goal is to empower our customers to maintain the value and longevity of their investment, regardless of the type of watch they own.

Myth One: Watch Winders Are Necessary

Many collectors assert that automatic watches need to be wound constantly to keep them running smoothly. Watch winders ? devices that turn the timepieces to mimic a wrist ? are beloved by this group. While watch winders are often marketed as an essential accessory for automatic watches, they are not necessarily needed.

Many experts argue that watch winders can even be detrimental to timepieces. They put stress on the machinery, which can harm the delicate parts of a timepiece. Instead, manually winding your watch every few days or wearing it regularly is usually sufficient to keep it running fine.

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Myth Two: Only Repair When Something’s Wrong

Another common myth regarding watch maintenance is that a repair is only necessary when something is visibly wrong with the timepiece. This simply isn’t true. Routine maintenance and overhauls are critical to the longevity and accuracy of your watch. Over time, the lubricants used in watches can break down, increasing friction and wear on the internal components.

Regular servicing can prevent wear and tear, ensuring that your watch continues functioning properly for years to come. Additionally, a watchmaker can detect and repair any issues before they become more serious and costly.

Myth Three: Always Factory Service

Many watch owners believe factory repair is best for servicing their timepieces. However, this is not always the case. Factory repairs can be expensive and often involve using non-original parts, which can detract from the value of a timepiece. In some cases, jewelry and watch stores are better suited to handle repairs and maintenance, as they offer more cost-effective and higher-quality repairs.

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Myth Four: Sapphire Crystal Can’t Break

Sapphire crystal glass is known for its strength and scratch resistance, but it is not invincible. Over time, hairline fractures can develop in sapphire crystal, ultimately resulting in shattering and leaks. It is crucial to inspect your watch regularly for any signs of damage. If damage is detected, it is essential to replace the glass as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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