The Locket Necklace Trend: Statement Pieces with a Story

July 2nd, 2018

The Locket Necklace Trend: Statement Pieces with a Story

Aside from the gold, the silver, the gemstone, the delicate chain, and the diamond, what’s the most intriguing aspect of a locket necklace? The memento or image of sentiment it harbors inside, unseen until explored more intimately.

An ancient concept, many archaic fashionistas would carry locks of hair to feel close to a loved one that had passed on. The concept expanded to include lockets used to carry perfumed fabric and, as is most common today, portraits of important people, first drafted by hand and then later taken with a camera.

In more recent times, they’ve been worn by soldiers in World War I, men abroad who would keep photos of their wives and girlfriends around their necks at all times to remind them of home. Now, contemporary lockets necklaces are back for vengeance in a trendy comeback, the likes of which we’ve never before witnessed; lockets are in and here to stay.

Get the Look

When it comes to lockets, nobody in the game does it quite like Stuller; an American brand through and through, they bring to the table several designs in this category that are both contemporary and timeless, embodying an extraordinary presence that is so uniquely American. For somebody seeking a piece that they intend to convert into an heirloom, we highly recommend checking out some of their lockets in sterling silver; perfect for cameos and other precious relics from the past, they will keep your memories safe for years on end.

Locket Necklaces at NEFJ

They’re so cute we could die; all of the class without a lick of the grandma-factor.

It goes without saying that any best-of list of lockets simply wouldn’t be complete without at least one ubiquitous and ever-popular heart locket. Those seeking something a bit more secular may want to avert their gaze; Stuller offers a number of locket necklaces with a religious edge to them, featuring prominent crosses and pendants proclaiming the wearer’s first communion, each more charming than the last.

For the heathen in all of us, however, they also happily supply wares without any outward religious affiliation. Sometimes, wearing a crucifix to the club just feels a little bit wrong.

But as you can see, Stuller’s got a locket for every occasion.

Locket Necklaces at Northeastern Fine Jewelers

You already know we had to save our absolute favorite for last; as total suckers for anything gold and glitzy, this final selection easily takes the cake. Forgoing the traditional side-hinge, this locket necklace opens up compact-style and is hung with a small, horseshoe-like bar, supported on both sides. Its unique look and enigmatic printed pattern adorning the front will quickly become one of your favorite pieces to wear day-to-day.

The Northeastern Guarantee

What is in a name? Here at Northeastern Fine Jewelers, we have plenty who would be willing to attest to the fact that in our name, there’s plenty ? as one of the go-to brands when it comes to fine jewelry at the consumer level in the greater Capital Region, we take pride in the service we provide to our patrons. Backed by our signature lifetime upgrade policy, comprehensive service plan, and thirty-day money back guarantee, you can shop assured of the fact that our priority will always be your needs, wants, and desires as a consumer.

If this small selection of our favorite locket necklaces in our showcase has whetted your appetite and you’re craving more, give us a call. We’re glad to sit down with any customer, whether brand new or an old friend.