Tips On Shopping for Your Valentine’s Day Man

January 10th, 2018

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Valentine’s Day tends to be focused on men scurrying around anxiously deciding what gift is going to make their special someone feel extra special on this important holiday.

But, men aren’t the only people who might be in a quandary when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift buying, especially when it comes to picking man’s jewelry.

For starters, thank goodness you can do this on your own since most men feel more secure shopping in the tool section than in a fine jewelry store.

It’s best to have some idea beforehand to make your own shopping experience that much easier. When your visit a user-friendly site like Northeastern Fine Jewelry, you have on display everything from watches to rings and bracelets from the top designers around the world. Browsing through gives you the opportunity to see up-close the quality and value that will help you narrow your selection. Of course, having jewelry experts on hand makes the whole process that much better.

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Some helpful hints to look for in shopping for your man are:

  • 1.Color ? Are you thinking gold or sterling silver? This narrows the field almost immediately.
  • 2.Weight ? Does your Valentine favor chunky over slim? If he’s a cuff links guy, sneak a peek at his collection to get some ideas of what he prefers.
  • 3.Price ? Always an important subject. Window shopping online first gives you a breadth of price points and makes you feel more confident when shopping live.
  • 4.Trust ? Jewelry purchases are all about trust. With a retailer like Northeastern, you can rely on over 30 years of customer satisfaction in value and service.

According to style master Antonio Centeno, knowing a little ’jewelry vocabulary’’? can bolster your confidence in shopping for your man’s jewelry, or any jewelry for that matter.

On precious metals like gold, ask about the ’carat weight.’’? Gold is basically a 1-24 scale with 24 being the purest. Also, as it pertains to stones, become familiar with carat, cut, color and clarity. For example, U.S. precious stones are rated for cut Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

Diamonds are rated for color on a scale from Z to D ? D being perfectly clear. Above D you’re are getting into the category of J stones which signify even higher quality and, naturally, more expensive.

Clarity is a big issue when shopping diamonds. Imperfections, called ’inclusions’’? in the trade, reveal much about the quality of the stone.

The untrained eye may not be able to discern this. Again, trust in your jeweler becomes tantamount when it comes to more specific features such as grading and clarity.

Shopping experts agree that seeking out a more personable, knowledgeable jeweler is your best buy to assure that you are getting the right value and quality. Plus, the attention of a real authority in jewelry can make all the difference in making you as well as your man a happier Valentine.