Tacori in New York at Northeastern Fine Jewelry

New York is among the world’s most celebrated regions. While best known New York City, the world’s most prosperous and diverse city, the Empire State is much more than that. It is also home to sweeping vistas and pristine rivers, distinctive communities with unique cultural traditions, and glamorous jewelry. Northeastern Fine Jewelry is New York’s preeminent jeweler, with showrooms in Schenectady, Albany, and Glens Falls. Our tradition of excellence and expertise extends to all parts of the state, so we understand the Empire State and the discerning tastes of its people. That’s why we recommend the Tacori brand to all of our customers.

Tacori is a brand based out of Southern California. First founded in 1979 by Romanian immigrants Haig and Gilda Tacorian, they first started in Los Angeles. Almost two decades later, Haig invented the iconic crescent in 1998. The intricate crescent metalwork is a fixture of the brand’s bridal jewelry, with many collections devoted to unique interpretations of the design. A year later, Haig and Gilda’s children Paul and Nadine became involved in the company and eventually became CEO and COO respectively in 2017. Today, Tacori is a well-known brand creating all kinds of jewelry from their California workshop.

Featured on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and the Bachelorette, Tacori has become legendary for their craftsmanship and artistry. All of their collections exhibit unique, breathtaking details. They have a particular, nature-inspired aesthetic elevated by high-quality gold, sterling silver, and richly colored gemstones. When it comes to fashion jewelry, Tacori opts for a magnificent blend of striking sterling silver and intricate metalwork. Bright jewels like topaz and amethyst are often showcased to evoke a natural, ethereal look that can’t be found elsewhere. These bold but sophisticated pieces resemble the New York spirit, reminiscent of the innovation of daring attitude that defines the Empire State.

You can discover Tacori at Northeastern Fine Jewelry. All of our New York jewelry stores offer collections from this celebrated brand. From crescent wedding bands to sleek chain necklaces, you can browse many of their delightful, inspiring pieces. Our team of skilled artisans and professionals is ready to guide you through our inventory. To better serve our customers and community, we can provide a myriad of professional jewelry services including repair, polishing, cleaning, and more. Want something unique? Create custom jewelry by working with our goldsmiths and gemologists. Learn more by calling us at (518) 372-3604 to speak with our staff.