Wedding rings have been a symbol of partnership and enduring romance for generations. Today, the variety of options available can seem endless. Since wedding rings come in a plethora of unique finishes and styles, it is important to understand key terminology when searching for the perfect wedding ring. Whether you are looking for a subtle yet sophisticated wedding ring style or something with more artistry and detail, having a basic understanding of what you are looking for will make the wedding ring purchasing process a breeze. 

Polished Finish- A timeless wedding ring style, a polished finish creates a smooth and shiny ring surface. Available in different sizes and widths, a polished finish wedding ring is a classic style. This style tends to tarnish easily, but a polished tungsten wedding ring is highly scratch-resistant. 

Satin Finish- Smooth to the touch just like a polished finish, a satin finish tends to be less reflective and much more opaque. A satin finish has a luxurious finish, appearing as if the ring is covered in frost. 

Matte Finish- For those who prefer a more understated wedding ring style, a matte finish is one of the most popular wedding band styles. These wedding bands have a smooth yet subtle appearance and are far more opaque than a satin finish. 

Hammered Finish- A hammered finish tends to be a popular choice for men when picking out a wedding ring. A gentle hammering of the band creates a rustic and unique feel. Each style of hammered finish wedding ring is one of a kind depending on the size of the tool used. 

Wire Brushed Finish- A more modern method for designing wedding rings, the wire brush finish creates a textured band. Markings on the band appear as if “brushed on” for a chic and modern appearance for those seeking individuality in their wedding band. 

Sandblasted Finish- A wedding band style that stands out, the sandblasted finish creates a coarse and grainy appearance to the wedding ring. These wedding bands stand out when worn alone, and are perfect for those seeking a textured wedding band. 

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