Guide to Princess Cut Rings

July 5th, 2017

What is a Princess Cut?

A wedding is the ultimate fairytale. What better way to make a bride feel like a princess than with a princess cut ring? As it turns out, the princess cut ring is the second most popular engagement ring, with millions of women walking down the aisle into their happily ever after with this brilliant, fancy cut stone.

To shop for a princess cut ring, you first want to know what it is you are browsing. A princess cut is a square shape from the top, and the shape of an inverted pyramid from the side. This shape is no accident. A British diamond cutter named Arpad Nagy designed this shape in 1960 to create a diamond that would yield the optimal carat, sparkle, and shine. The resulting stone has many facets in it, which makes it fantastically brilliant.

Why are Princess Cut Rings So Popular?

The lack of wastage in the cutting process means a princess cut gives you the highest value for your dollar of any fancy cut diamond. This is why a princess cut with similar specifications (color, clarity, carat weight) to a round diamond typically costs 30-40% less. In jeweler-speak they would say, ’the price-per-carat weight’’? of a princess cut is the lowest compared to all other shapes. More shine, more diamond, less money—you cannot beat that!

But the popularity is not only based on value. A princess cut is a gorgeous, modern alternative to round diamonds. The brilliance and fire are so intense in a well-cut princess that it helps mask inclusions and hide body color, thus amplifying the beauty of your stone. A princess cut is also highly versatile, complementing most fingers and fitting most settings. Because princess cut rings are in such high demand, and pair well with so many diverse styles of settings, you can find them in just about any design you can imagine. Your selection when choosing a princess cut ring is nearly unlimited.

rings in row of princess cut rings

What to Look Out For With A Princess Cut Ring

The four corners of a princess cut diamond are the most vulnerable areas of the stone. At these four tips is where your diamond may be prone to chipping if handled too roughly. Try to avoid princess cuts with inclusions located near the corners, as this will further weaken the area.

Where can I browse Princess Cut Rings?

Want to browse the hottest designers in the industry? Northeastern Fine Jewelry features the highest volume of jewelry sales in the Capital Region area, including the widest selection of Princess cut rings. Online or in-person, you can shop a trusted, family-owned business with a reputation for superior customer service, competitive prices and the highest quality, top designers on the market. 

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You can easily shop three collections from Art Carved: Classic, Contemporary and Vintage. Tacori features an incredible twelve collections: Simply TacoriSculpted Crescent, RoyalT, Petite Crescent, Full Bloom, Ribbon, Reverse Crescent, Dantela, Classic Crescent, and Blooming Beauties. Amden offers a Solitaire, Halo and Three Stones line for your online shopping convenience. Simon G. has plenty of designs to shop from with three collections featuring princess cut diamond rings: Caviar, Vintage Explorer, and Classic Romance,

With four showrooms, there is likely a location near you. To view the brilliance and shine of a princess cut ring in person, drop by one of our four storefronts at 1607 Union Street, Schenectady, 1575 Western Avenue, Albany,167 Glen Street Glen Falls, NY or 48 W 48th Street, Manhattan, NYC. To talk to a trusted, Northeastern fine jewelry expert about a princess cut ring, call 1-855-795-NEFJ.